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How to Grow Healthy Hair With Biotin?

by A C February 18, 2019 4 min read

hair balding in adultWe may have overlooked it, but poor diet is one of the main reasons of hair loss. We need the essential vitamins and minerals in order to be healthy. This will also affect the health of our hair and its growth. Naturally, poor diet results in hair loss because of the lack in essential components and elements.

If you are like the average people who eats anything without thinking of the nutrients it contains, whether it is beneficial or not, you may not be getting enough nutrients to maintain your hair’s health. Have you been in depressed due to pattern baldness, alopecia and excessive hair loss? Is hair loss the main reason you come up in this article by searching how to grow your hair back?


Biotin for Hair Growth

In order for our body to produce healthy hair, it must have the proper nutrients and enough vitamins required. There are certain vitamins that play vital role in growing healthy hair. So, if you lack the vitamin then you will surely be unable to grow your hair naturally.


What is Biotin?

Biotin is one major component necessary in growing healthy hair. It is also known as Vitamin H. This component is a part of the B-complex vitamins. If you lack this vitamin, then it is normal to experience hair loss. Not only that, you may also experience dry and itchy skin. So, increasing biotin intake will help in growing healthy hair.

B-vitamins converts fats into energy. This is also essential in maintaining not just hair, but nails as well. Our body naturally produces biotin. But some may not produce as much as other people do. So, taking additional biotin supplements can help in increasing hair growth rate. It does not only grow hair but makes it healthier and stronger.


Where Can I Get Optimum Biotin?

raw egg yolk rich in biotinYou can get biotin from natural sources like food. You must incorporate in your diet foods rich in biotin. Such foods are eggs, peanuts, whole grains, almonds and bananas. Cheese and milk also contain biotin. You can also get it from liver, salmon and chicken breasts. Vegetables like spinach, cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and onions are also rich in biotin. Do not forget that mushroom has it too.

Supplements are also available over the counter to make sure you get the required daily intake of biotin.

While taking biotin supplements, staying hydrated is essential. Water and biotin work like a team since biotin is water soluble. The result of hair growth is faster when you do both, staying hydrated and taking biotin.


How Biotin Works for Hair Growth?

Now that you know about biotin supplements, you should know how it works. There are many different brands of hair grower available on the market nowadays. All of them claims to be beneficial for growing hair. This may seem an easy remedy, but it is temporary. Hair loss will still happen if the root cause is not addressed.

According to research, lack of biotin results in weakening of nails and hair, thus resulting to hair loss. This also results in fatigue and oftentimes depression. Studies show that using biotin prevents the mentioned symptoms.

Merely taking biotin supplement cannot suppress the balding of a person if the issue is not about lack of biotin. Genetic baldness is hard to stop. However, trying to use biotin can prevent the start up of hair loss. It would be helpful if a person suffering from hair loss gets checked by a professional. This will determine if there is biotin deficiency in the body.

If you are experiencing too much hair fall, taking a biotin supplement is suggested. Check if results show after few weeks, if not then biotin may not be the problem. Biotin can be taken without any doubt since it is free of negative effects. Make sure to choose the biotin supplement made from natural ingredients for the safety and effectivity of the supplement. Also, the right quantity is essential to ensure the benefits you can get.


How Much Biotin Required for Hair Growth?

beautiful woman with beautiful hairThough biotin is safe, you must still make sure the intake is under safe levels and do not go beyond what is needed. In addition, you must also make sure you do not fall behind what is required, and you get enough. This will help in getting the desired results for hair growth.

Biotin supplements come in micrograms or mcg. There are supplements offering it in 5000 mcg. If you have been experiencing dull hair, hair loss, weak nails, and dry and itchy skin, choose a supplement who has 10,000 mcg per serving as this can help in boosting the overall health of skin, nails and especially hair. This supplement prevents hair loss. It is best taken 20 minutes to 30 minutes before meal. If necessary, take once or twice daily. Also, ask for advice from your health care professional.

If you are alcoholic, remember that you may be prone to biotin deficiency as alcohol depletes the B vitamins in the body. It does not only deplete B vitamins, but other nutrients as well. So, if want to get the best result from your supplement, stay away from alcoholic beverages.

It is always best to change your old habits into healthy lifestyle to get the results you want from taking biotin. There is no harm in trying and biotin is a proven effective way to suppress balding due to biotin deficiency.


Other Health Benefits from Biotin Supplement

Nail Health

Biotin enhances the strength of nails. It also makes it shinier and healthy looking. Say goodbye to dull nails when you take this supplement.


Energy Level Rises

Since B-vitamins converts fats into energy, it is only normal that biotin supports energy levels of the body. This is beneficial for people who work out.


Metabolism Increases

In support of the conversion of fats into energy, metabolism increases. This makes the body leaner and healthier.


Great Skin Complexion

Skin complexion is not only about vitamin E. Biotin also plays a vital role in keep it moisturized. If the body is deficient in biotin, the skin will feel dry and itchy.


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