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Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

by A C February 22, 2019 3 min read

brain health through foodThere are many ways to keep your brain healthy. See below the different ways on how to keep your brain healthy for improved focus or concentration and memory.

Things to Do for Brain Health

Stimulate your Mind

Mental stimulation has been proven to improve brain health. There are a lot of activities for the brain that you can do stimulate it. Puzzles and other mind games are helpful too.

Healthy Diet

There are foods rich in nutrients good for the brain. Commonly, foods that are rich in anti-oxidants help in boosting mental clarity. See this blog post about How to Achieve Top Brain Health Nutrition as it shows the foods you must not miss in your diet.

Control Blood Sugar

You can control your blood sugar level by eating foods that are healthy and less sugary. Why do you need lower blood sugar level? Studies show that diabetes has been linked to dementia, which is a type of disorder affecting the brain. To keep your brain healthy, your sugar must be in control.

Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

We all know the effects of tobacco to our health. And we also know how much alcohol affects our way of thinking. These two are not good for our health. It may cause different illnesses, especially tobacco. As for alcohol, if you really want to drink limit yourself and do not drink too much.

woman exercising at coastal areaUse Head Protection

Workers have been required to use head protection gear, such as hard hats. This is now the standard especially for workers working on heavy equipment and outdoor. Head injury may result in damages to nerve and it is not good for the brain. The risk for developing cognitive impairment is heightened with head injury. So, make sure to protect your head all the time.


A healthy body helps in maintaining mental health. Studies show that people who exercise physically have healthier brain than those who do not. Our nerves move when we exercise, making way to healthier blood flow. Thus, oxygen supply to the brain is enough, which makes it work properly.

Take Brain Supplement

Taking a brain supplement is a smart way to keep your brain healthy. It helps you get the optimum nutrients needed for the brain. Brain supplement that contains all natural ingredients will help you have clearer mind and be more focus.

Control Blood Pressure

According to research, people who had high blood pressure is more prone to cognitive impairment and their mental health declines in their late adulthood. It can be concluded that in order to maintain mental health one must maintain their blood pressure. How to avoid high blood pressure? Eat healthy foods and avoid foods with high cholesterol.

Emotional Development

Emotional health plays a vital role for brain health. If a person is depressed emotionally, it gives way to losing concentration and memory. Our emotions must be controlled and be developed to keep our mental state healthy. How do we develop emotional health? Socializing or having group of friends around you is proven to make you happy. If you are a type of person who does not go out much and sees that this behavior does not do you any good, change that. Try to make friends, go have some fun on movies and picnic. Go to the beach and have the sun touch your skin, just make sure the UV ray is not too hot or else use sunscreen.

These are the ways to keep you healthy. Make sure your brain is well taken care of to avoid dementia, cognitive impairment and other brain issues.


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