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About Us

Hello and welcome to our site! We’re glad you’re here.

If you believe health supplements and vitamins should be backed by science, you’re right. While this should be the industry standard, it isn’t. But don’t worry. Our pharmacological team works from a high powered R&D lab to deliver you results.  They do this because they believe that, when harnessed properly, science can change lives. And they can’t wait to share that with you.

If you’ve been looking for natural solutions for brain, heart, joint or skin health, look no further. We’ve got you. And your family too.


Our triathlete founder, Alex, was overweight, hypertensive and dependent on pharmaceutical medications. He explored many solutions. No matter what he did, he began his days with severe pain and joint stiffness. He tried to better himself by using and improving his body daily, but as years passed, his recovery times from training got worse. He worried he wouldn’t be able to compete anymore.

Then, Alex’s father died. Young. He had an unhealthy lifestyle, but it stung nonetheless. Angry over the loss of his father and sick of being chained to his medicine cabinet, Alex decided to change his life. And his family’s. And yours too.

He partnered with a cutting-edge lab to naturally  and drastically reduce the symptoms of skin, brain, muscle, heart and joint conditions. And with that, Organique Science was born.


Alex beams when he shares his results. He’s off medication, using 100% natural remedies. He takes fewer supplements now. Most impressively he can taste his tea again, instead of the supplement filled drudge he’d sipped each morning for years. Though he still follows a strict natural and organic food diet, he dabbles in coffee and sugar, in moderation of course. His fitness results have improved exponentially.


Alex and his team of scientists have pored over the research.  They’ve conducted countless experiments in their high powered R&D lab. They know which studies connect. They understand good things don’t always combine well. That balance is critical - more is not necessarily better. And that nutrition plays an important part in health.

They could talk at length about synergistic bioactive compounds, functional genomics, bioinformatics and more. If you’re into that, email them!

But most people just want results.  Alex and his team deliver. Armed with science, they use precise formulations in products that actually work.

Simply put, they’ve done the research so you don’t have to.


If you’re ready to improve your brain, heart, muscles, joints, skin or hair, or if you’re ready to reach your full athletic potential, without pain getting in your way... we have the product for you.