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7 Reasons Why Organic Food Is for You

by A C November 21, 2018 4 min read

Living a happier, healthier life is a matter of making more cognizant choices about the foods you eat. Organic foods provide us with healthier food options that come with an array of health benefits just like the superfoods in this category.

What are Organic Foods?

organic vegetablesOrganic foods are agricultural products produced, prepared, harvested and packaged without needing to use any chemicals. In the United States, these crops should be planted and grown without using sewage or petroleum-based fertilizers, bioengineered genes (GMOs) or synthetic pesticides.

The same applies to organically raised livestock for dairy, meat, and eggs. Organic livestock should not be given growth hormones, animal by-products o or antibiotics. They should also be left to feed natural growing grass and have access to the outdoors.

Advantages of Organic Food

On average, these foods have more nutritional value than conventionally grown counterparts. People who suffer from food allergies, preservatives or chemicals often find that their reactions or symptoms lessen or completely disappear when they use organic foods. Here are more benefits that come with the consumption of organic foods;

Healthier Fats

According to the British Publication of Nutrition, organic milk and meat have more than 50%fatty acids than conventionally produced products. These differences come from how organic livestock is raised with a grass-fed diet and more time spent outdoors. Exclusive grazing on fields of grass boosts the amounts of interconnected Linoleic Acid in organic animal products like milk and meat.

CLA is a healthy fatty acid for the heart that contains the potential of strengthening cardiovascular protection. These fatty acids are found in larger quantities in milk and meat products of domestic animals graze in free range. This is because they feed on natural grass that has taken in the sun’s energy and converts it into the most desirable organic CLA. Switching from conventional to organic products will boost your omega-3 consumption without necessarily having to increase saturated fat or calories.

Stronger immune system

woman with strong armsConventional livestock is fed antibiotics on a regular basis to protect them against illnesses. This makes it possible for farmers to raise them in large numbers without having to worry about the level of sanitary conditions they require. When humans consume non-organic food products, they absorb the same growth hormones, antibiotics, and vaccines that had been pumped into the livestock indirectly. This, in turn, impairs their immune system, rendering them weak and unable to fight against diseases.

Other farmers may inject regular conventionally raised animals, except for poultry, with synthetic growth hormones, to gain weight faster or produce more milk. According to the Biodesign Center for Environmental Security at Arizona State University, these traces make their way to consumers.

One of the main advantages of organic food is that their production process eliminates the use of these antibiotics, animal byproducts, vaccines, or growth hormones. These foods are grown with no antibiotics or synthetic hormones, which have been linked to an increase in the risk of cancer.


Other than the nutritional benefits, the sugar and mineral structure of these foods are tastier. This is because the plants are allowed to grow at their own pace, taking in all the necessary natural minerals and nutrients needed to grow on their own. The use of natural agricultural production techniques that are also environmentally friendly is one of the reasons why organic fruits and veggies taste better than those grown conventionally.

Safe from Harmful Pesticides and heavy metals

Although the chemicals used in pesticides have been declared safe in specific quantities for conventional farming, there are still health experts that warn about the potential harm with repeated exposure. Chemical pesticide consumption is linked to various diseases and disorders, including cancer, headaches, ADHD, digestive dysfunction, weakened immune system, congenital disabilities, and in some cases, premature death.

Conventional farming pesticides contain chemicals like organophosphorus. This is an unnatural chemical that is associated with some developmental disorders like autism and ADHD.

Fruits, vegetables, grains, meat and dairies labeled organic are grown without adding artificial fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. These naturally grown products provide a healthier alternative, especially for young kids who have already been affected by this toxic pesticide in the developmental ages. They also offer a healthier choice for better overall health.

More antioxidants in some areas

organic vegetable harvestA 6-year study done by the renown Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that organic foods contain 20% more antioxidant compared to the conventionally grown onions. This is because they are free of foreign chemicals that usually react with vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds, thereby lowering the essential impacts of antioxidants in food products.

The consumption of organic food contributes to more intake of nutritionally beneficial antioxidants and limit your exposure to heavy metals. Some of the benefits of these antioxidants include preventions of cancer, heart disease, premature aging, cognitive malfunctions, and vision problems.

Better overall health

Since they are produced without the use of chemicals, they are free of toxic chemicals and may not affect consumers’ health in any harmful ways. This farming technique uses natural techniques like green compost to fertilize the land and crop rotation to control pest and disease, which results in 100% safer, healthier and tastier food produce. Knowing that you are consuming food that is free from harmful chemicals and is rich in nutrients will also help you enjoy what you eat for all the reasons outlined above and below.


While organic foods are more expensive than conventional products, they are worth every cent of the extra cost. Also, they will save you money in the long term than conventionally grown products. This is in the sense that they will help prevent minor and major diseases and illnesses. This, in turn, will lower your health care expenses and reduce your chances of missing work.

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