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man who cannot sleepAbout 30% of adults are affected by sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea and even sleep disorder caused by anxiety. All the stress and worries together with anxieties we feel contribute to the occurrence of sleep disorder. It has been the main cause of poor sleep to many individuals worldwide. All these may result to sleep deprivation, which in turn can cause poor work quality, low functions and accidents.


High emotional distress is affecting almost half of the population, which affects their sleep patterns too. If stress occurs chronically, meaning more than 6 months, it can cause short lengths of sleep. It may also result in insomnia which delays the mind and body to fall asleep even when lying down. That is why we hear people saying they can’t sleep even when they feel tired.


Depressed people have abnormal sleep patterns. The always feel worthless, sad, hopeless and guilty about anything happening around them. Though this may not mean lack of sleep all the time, as some sufferers often turn to too much sleep when depressed. Still, both sleep patterns are abnormal.


Though most depressed people will not notice this kind of sleep disorder, it can manifest in the way they work, act and decide. If a person is enjoying an activity but suddenly lose interest into it, it is a sign of depression. Some may also talk about suicide, which is a horrible thing. So, this must be treated right away.


All of these go down to poor sleep quality. Lack of sleep results in neurological problems and emotional problems. That is why we need to improve our sleeping pattern. Now, how do we improve sleep pattern?


exercise equipmentRoad to Improved Sleep Pattern

There are different ways for people with sleep disorder to improve their sleep patterns. Check out below.



Exercising a few hours before bedtime can help. It is essential in making the body feel that it needs to rest.


Avoid Certain Foods

Foods that contain caffeine must be avoided. We all know that caffeine can cause energy boost, so this is a no-no for people with sleep disorder, especially when bed time is just a few hours away.


Focusing the Mind

When the mind if focused on something, it triggers sleep. Just like when your mother said, “count the sheep for you to sleep” or look at something and stay focus on it. This is called hypnosis.



One of the best treatments for sleep disorder is meditation. It reduces stress, making you feel at ease and have good sleep.


Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements containing Valerian is a good treatment to get quality sleep. There are a lot of herbal supplements available on the market, which aids in promoting sleep. It is very essential to help people gain their sleep pattern back without any hassle.


One thing to remember is to check the quality of the herbal supplement. Herbal supplements for sleep aid that are made of pure organic ingredients are the major go-to for the best result without the side effects.

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