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Biotin Deficiency Treatment Options Available

by A C March 05, 2019 3 min read

Biotin Deficiency Treatment Options Available

egg shells in a plateThe treatment for biotin deficiency can be taken at the comfort of your own home. Without further ado, here are the different ways on how to treat biotin deficiency.


Get Biotin from Foods

Yes, you read it right. You can get biotin from the foods you eat. All you need to do is find out the foods rich in biotin. Below are some of the foods you must consider adding in your diet to get biotin.


Egg Yolk

The yolk of an egg is rich in biotin, especially when boiled. It is an essential additional to your daily intake of vitamins. Remember to eat it boiled or cooked, as raw eggs can contain avidin. This type of protein hinders the absorption of biotin in the body.



Nuts and Seeds are great source of different vitamins, especially biotin. You can get about 2.6 mcg of biotin in each cup of quarter-cup of sunflower seeds while 1.5 mcg on almonds with same measurement. This is a good snack on the go for anyone who needs vitamin. Plus, it also contains other vitamins for the skin, just like biotin’s effects to skin and hair.


Dairy Products

If you are not allergic to dairy products, start adding them into your diet. Dairies like cheese, milk and yogurt contains biotin. As for cheese, choose the one with the highest biotin content, like blue cheese. You can also consider cheddar cheese as a delicious addition to your meal.

Do you love yogurt? You can have a snack of yogurt daily for biotin absorption. Also, a cup of milk before bed time not only help with sleep but with biotin as well.



We all know that cauliflower is rich in nutrients. Do you know it is also a rich source of biotin? Yes, cauliflower contains biotin that can help biotin deficient people. The biotin in raw cauliflower is very high. Eat it raw to get the optimum biotin vitamin.

To eat cauliflower raw, you can crush it and mix with vegetable salad. You can also combine it with a health dressing for a delicious uplifting snack.



Everyone know that liver is very rich in iron. However, do you know it is also a great source of biotin? The liver is not only delicious in different cooking ways, it is also a good biotin provider for biotin deficient person.



Avocado can be eaten in many ways. You can have it in your salad. You can eat it with sugar or milk. You can also cook it with egg in the oven, sprinkled with pepper and chopped parsley. See, there is no reason for you not to eat avocado. It is very rich in different vitamins and with biotin as well.


Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is very delicious. It is an excellent replacement to rice for those on a diet. Also, it can be enjoyed in many ways; You can have it cooked, boiled, steamed and baked. You can eat sweet potato in whatever ways you want it served, with honey, viand, or just simply sweet potato.



This is probably the easiest food to get for biotin. You can eat it right away before meal for more absorption.


Get Biotin from Health Supplements

There are health supplements you can purchase. Pure biotin supplement from Organique Science contains the complete required biotin intake for the entire day. No need to worry if you had enough biotin for the day. With biotin health supplement, you can get 100% biotin requirement daily.

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