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Biotin Deficiency Symptoms You Need to Know

by A C March 05, 2019 2 min read

Biotin Deficiency Symptoms You Need to Know

In the article about biotin supplements, it is mentioned how important biotin is to our body. It is also stated how it works and what it is beneficial for.

red rash and eczemaNow, let us look at biotin deficiency symptoms by age. It might be helpful to check this out in case you or your loved ones have the symptoms.

Biotin Deficient Babies’ Symptoms

Even babies and newborns can develop biotin deficiency as mothers may lack this essential compound while pregnant. Below are the symptoms a biotin deficient baby may have.


Since biotin is helpful in keeping our skin’s glow, it is imperative that eczema may be one of the signs a baby lacks biotin.

Developmental Delay

Biotin is essential in fast metabolism and healthy digestion. It converts food into energy, which makes it hard for babies with deficiency to learn new things like fine motor skills.

Hair Loss

Biotin has been a treatment for adults with regards to hair loss. Now, this can be a symptom of deficiency in babies.


Babies who are deficient in biotin may experience seizures even without any disorder or illnesses occurring.

Muscle Weakness

The muscles may feel week, which is usually shown when the child is not interested in doing things that involves movement of the muscles.

These are only few of the many symptoms that may show. Keep in mind that one or more symptoms may show, and one or more may not, and will be manifested on the first weeks and months of life.

Symptoms of Biotin Deficiency in Adults

thinning hairHere are the symptoms that might appear in adults with biotin deficiency.

Thinning Hair

Thinning hair that may result to balding is often incorporated to biotin deficiency. A lot of people treat this symptom by taking biotin supplement. According to research, biotin is essential for growing healthy hair, which makes it imperative why biotin deficiency may cause thinning hair.

Skin Infections and Rashes

Not only babies can develop skin diseases when having biotin deficiency. Red rash may develop in adults who lack this nutrient, particularly on areas around the body openings.


Not only babies, adults may experience seizures due to lack of biotin.

Brittle Nails

Do you have brittle nails? You may lack in the B-vitamin Biotin. Biotin is known to keep nails shiny and strong, with deficiency of this vitamins it will be manifested on brittle nails.

Neurological Problems

Since biotin is essential in keeping control of blood sugar, which is often associated to neurological problems when too high that causes diabetes, it is imperative that lack of this vitamin can cause problems neurologically. Some patients experience hallucinations and depression.

Do you feel you have biotin deficiency? Have you checked the symptoms above? If you are experiencing one or more symptoms, this may be the time you start taking care of yourself and take pure biotin supplement. If by taking biotin supplement the symptoms alleviate, you are sure you got the right health supplement for your body.


Additional Note: The symptoms stated do not necessarily mean you have biotin deficiency. The symptoms may also appear due to other disorders or illnesses even without the deficiency of this B-vitamin.

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