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Effective Homemade Beauty Tips

by A C November 29, 2018 5 min read

skin with lotion formed heartOur beautiful skin gets damaged with scorching sun, harsh chemicals, unhealthy habits like smoking, and pollution. If you are still hoping for a gorgeous and glowing skin, then, it's high time to ditch your existing synthetic skin products.

Go ahead and try natural organic care products that play a great role in limiting your exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals. These eco-friendly products bring you the wholesome goodness of certified natural ingredients and essential oils that keep your safe and healthy.

Effective Homemade Beauty Tips For Great Skin Beauty can bring a smile on the face of anyone, and it's no wonder some people are willing to do anything to maintain it. But you don't have to apply lotions, ointments, or even worse, undergo surgery to have a fair skin. There are several natural ways you can maintain a soft, glamorous skin without putting your health at risk.

Homemade Beauty Tips For Great Skin

Egg Yolk This is considered to be the most effective home remedy for fair skin. Simply take the yolk, place it in a bowl and crush to obtain the paste. Mix the paste with a teaspoon of honey. Next up, apply the mixture on your face like a face pack and leave it to dry. Wash it off with cold water. Doing this every day for at 2 or 3 months may bring improvements to your skin texture

Rose water There are numerous cases where people applied rose water and got a fair complexion. You can buy already available petals from your local store or else peel off the petals and soak in water for 24 hours. Apply the water on your face regularly, or even use it to wash your face, whenever you find it necessary. Never apply soap when using rose water to wash your face.

Honey is also great in getting fair skin. Take a teaspoon of honey, apply it on the face and massage gently, preferably in a circular motion. Do this at least twice every day- in the morning and in the evening. After a few weeks of consistent application, your skin will have acquired a lite golden complexion.

Tender coconut water Washing your face with tender coconut water when you come from outside can help remove all suntan as well as leave you feeling refreshed and relieved. Alternatively, apply tender coconut to scrub the face then wash with water. Apart from helping improve your skin complexion, this may remove any blackheads on the face.

Lemon juice Lemon can work pretty fast on your skin, especially when applied several times in a day. One lemon a time should be enough. Try to do so for at 4 to 6weeks and then check changes in your skin complexion. Note that the lemon juice may leave a pinching sensation on your skin for some time, but this is completely natural and not a side effect. In fact, all natural products, with the exception of curd, have no side effects when applied to the skin.

The following are some beauty care tips and tricks that will help you deal with excessively oily skin:

Scrub And Cleanse Daily

right hand scrubbing left hand

This is one of the best beauty tips and tricks to avoid the oily skin.

It is definitely tried and tested and will add luster to the skin, giving it radiance and shine.

People with oily skin should ensure that they cleanse their faces at least 2 to 3 times daily. While cleansing, also ensures that you scrub the skin with a gentle scrubber, this will help remove all the dirt that has accumulated in the pores.

When it comes to cleansers for oily skin, one can use a gel-based cleanser or even a foaming cleanser. Most importantly, opt for a cleanser that contains tea tree oil, turmeric, honey or salicylic acid.

Put On A Face Mask Once A Week

In case of oily skin, one should apply face masks that contain kaolin or even sandalwood. Such ingredients effectively absorb the oil, leaving the skin hydrated and fresh. Homemade masks may be used or one can also opt for a beauty therapy service.

Apply an ice facial regularly. Applying ice on the face actually, helps prevent oily texture. The application of ice closes the pores and also increases blood flow in the face. This should be done every morning or at least every alternate day.

Use Moisturiser On Skin

Many claims that moisturizing oily body will make it worse. But this is not true. Even oily body does need some sort of hydration and moisturizing. If a moisturizer is avoided, it triggers the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum, making the skin even oilier. Those with oily texture should use a moisturizer which is water based for maximum effect.

Increase Water Intake

This is quite an effective way to deal with oily texture. One should keep their body adequately hydrated as well as avoid junk food and food items that are high in sugar.

Hair treatments

Are you sick of buying costly hair products that don't deliver what they promise? Try this luscious mask for glossy manageable locks, and clean out the fridge while you're at it!

Hydrating avocado/banana mask

woman having facial skin treatmentTake a ripe banana and a ripe avocado, a tablespoon of olive oil and a few drops of essential oil for fragrance.

Mix well with a blender.

Apply the paste liberally to clean, towel-dried hair, right to the ends.

Put on a shower cap or wrap head in a warm towel and allow to sit for at least 15 minutes.

Rinse well and admire your smooth shiny hair.

Done on a monthly basis, this mask is especially beneficial for curly, coarse hair.

Anti-dandruff rinse

Dandruff can be the bane of our existence, hard to get rid of and the preventative products are expensive. Take an hour and a half to whip up some of this and banish it forever.

You will need 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil (though you can use olive oil at a pinch), a teaspoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.

Take the oil and sugar and mix in a bowel, apply and massage into the scalp well. Put a hot, damp towel around the head, the heat will help the oil to penetrate. Leave on for approx. 20 minutes.

While you are waiting, mix in a spray bottle the apple cider vinegar, the peroxide and 2 cups of warm water. Rinse out the oil and sugar mix using a little shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Divide the wet hair into 4 sections, and spray the scalp liberally with the vinegar mix, avoiding the eye area. Rub the liquid into the scalp. Take a hot damp towel and rewrap the head, leaving the mix to soak in from 20 minutes to an hour and rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Homemade Cosmetics, skin care products, and other homemade ingredients are all available in our store. You can also get online beauty products which are made from essential oils and natural herbs. We also focus on offering discounted beauty products and also sell guaranteed top quality brands and luxury beauty products.


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