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Top Green Beauty Brands To Try Out Today

by A C December 02, 2018 5 min read

skin care cream with roses aroundThere are many health and wellness products out there, but given that the skin is the largest organ on the body, it could be argued that it requires a higher level of care than most. In the quest to protect the skin from the elements, there have been many products produced by the big name brands in beauty and some by the not so big.

Some of these products have been terrible for the environment or even worse are bad for your skin. In the quest for beauty products that are environment-friendly, natural and simple, we showcase the top green beauty brands you should definitely try out. These are brands that are cruelty-free, and use organic and pure earth-friendly ingredients in their products.

We have taken care to share brands for every price range so that regardless of your needs you can get something great. From lipstick to the foundation, to skin care, these are brands that have been made by locavores, herbalists, women, and new moms who made a product to deal with conditions modern medicine was powerless to treat.

Hydrate Your Skin with Ilia Beauty

Ilia Beauty is a modern Beauty line that offers a luxury look, feel and wear, even as it is one of the top organic brands around. The Ilia Beauty line makes its products from a variety of natural extracts that include the likes of passion fruit, cornstarch, and aloe leaf for its powders. What you will love best though are their illuminators and shadows, which come in different shades so that you can get what you need regardless of skin tone. What is even better these are some of the easiest products to apply on the market.

Enjoy the Virtual Spa with Vapour

Vapour is not a very well-known organic beauty brand though in all fairness, they have some of the best moisturizing products around. While the brand itself screams luxury, their products are made from a moisturizing base full of antioxidants and organic ingredients to protect and nourish your skin, face, and lips. Vapour provides their illuminators, blushes, foundations, and primers in stick form which makes them very easy to apply and store away. With up to twelve shades of foundation, shadow, and lipstick, your skin tone should not matter, as you can always find something that is a good match.

Go Gluten Free with AfterGlow

The pioneer of gluten-free beauty and make up products, AfterGlow is a leading brand that offers delightful cosmetics made of natural and pure organic ingredients. Coming in different shades made of natural pigments, the products are great if you have sensitive skin. While AfterGlow is a niche product, the unique blend of minerals and organic compounds make the products of the brand a good fit for anyone looking for something made for beauty and health.

Enjoy Balmless with Hush + Dotti

shiny red lipstick

I have always hated that I have to apply both balm and lipstick to get the pout.

But we all know that you cannot have one without the other and trying to go only with lipstick will leave you with dry lips.

This is where Hush +Doti brand a division of M.U.A shines, as it comes with a product that combines both balm and lipstick in one.

The Hush + Dotti product is made of shea butter based gloss that has a hydrating base for a beautiful pout without the need for constant reapplication.

Outside the lips, they also make a range of multi shade products for the cheeks and lips that will blend in with your lip gloss, for a stunning look.

Juice the Skin with Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is a certified-organic product line that has made quite a splash in the organic beauty products world. You can use Juice Beauty products with confidence as none of them contain fertilizers, synthetics, pesticides, or any toxins. Each product starts off from a base of organic botanical juice from where the products get their name.

Unlike your major brands, Juice Beauty does not have any added water or petroleum fillers. Rather the products have all manner of skin care benefits given the high levels of antioxidants in the ingredients. Juice Beauty Products such as their illuminator come in different shades that allow in different amounts of lights to complement your skin tone. What I love best about the products is that unlike most other green beauty products, they dry really fast to give you that glowy look in minutes.

Thank Your Skin with Au Naturale

The Au Naturale beauty product is designed to make you feel the same way you would if you were not wearing any makeup. The product is manufactured from cruelty-free and natural ingredients that will be a good fit for any type of skin. The Au Naturale range of beauty products does not contain any harmful chemicals, animal byproducts, or any synthetics.

Even as the beauty brand is all natural it has a huge range of product lines that come in either cream or powder form to replace all your vanity products. It also does come in a wide variety of neutral shade options making it great for all skin tones.

Embrace Luxe with Kjaer Weis

mirror with cosmetic powder and brushKjaer Weis has taken over Instagram with its chrome swivel compacts even if most people cannot begin to pronounce the name of the brand.

Kjaer uses organic and natural ingredients to make quality powder and cream formulas that are then packaged in the luxurious chrome packaging that has become Kjaer’s signature.

Being environmentally friendly, the compacts can be refilled so that you won’t have to worry about filling up landfills while getting beautiful.

The stand out products of the range of Kjaer products are the richly pigmented and dense blushes that make for a glowy beautiful skin tone.

The lip glosses and liners which come in different shades are also quite something.

Multitask with Meant

Multitasking and simplicity are the in thing in 2018. When it comes to top green beauty products, nothing embodies luxe yet at the same time being indulgent and family friendly as the Meant brand. Meant is a natural organic brand that provides family products from the likes of shampoo, body wash, lipstick and balm among many others. Another thing going for Meant is the simple scents and minimalistic packaging that makes them a hit for the entire family.

Take a Dry Shower with Cleo & Coco

Continuing with the theme of multi-tasking, Cleo & Coco is a green beauty brand that has made a name for itself in the space with its family-friendly products. Some of its products such as the Detox Dust are the ultimate multi-taskers that can be used to absorb excess facial oil, dry shampoo, eliminate odor and absorb moisture.

Combined with other products such as the Charcoal Detox Deodorant, these products can form a formidable anti-stink combination.

Illuminate and Hydrate with RMS

Want to illuminate and hydrate the skin, RMS provides top quality cosmetic products made of organic, food grade materials that you will love. Unlike the other brands on this list, RMS is a known brand that has revolutionized the industry with their complexion-enhancing products. RMS’s mission is to transform how you use makeup by formulating products that nourish and heal the skin without having to use toxic ingredients.

Whether you need some lipstick or lip gloss, skin cream or powder, there is some natural organic product for you. With so many organic beauty brands out there, the only trouble you may have is which to go for.

Now that we have multi-taskers and single taskers, affordable and expensive brands, the decision will only get harder. Nonetheless, the proliferation of so many good beauty brands is a good thing as this will just end up driving up the quality of the products on offer.


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