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What is Biotin Good For?

by A C February 20, 2019 3 min read

biotin moleculeBiotin, as part of vitamin B-complex, is water soluble. It is a vitamin formerly known as vitamin H. If proven to be deficient of biotin, certain health issues may occur.


Why Do We Need Biotin?

There are many uses of biotin for our body. See below what biotin can do to our health.


For Healthy Hair

Biotin aids in promoting healthy hair. A lot of people use biotin as supplement to prevent balding and to stop hair loss. Hair loss may result to balding, which may cause low self-esteem and confidence. In order to prevent this from happening, taking biotin supplement is a great way. Also, there foods rich in biotin that one must incorporate in their diet.


For Strong Nails

In addition to being healthy hair, biotin also works in promoting healthy nails.  It also keeps them shiny and strong. Have you experienced chapped nails? Are your nails yellowish and easily breaks? Do you feel your nails are dull? Make sure you have enough biotin in your body to cope with dull nails. You can add biotin-rich foods in your meal daily. You may also take biotin supplement to get the optimum level of biotin required for daily intake. With this, you can have beautiful strong nails. You can now wear your sandals without fear of humiliation.


For Beautiful Skin

Health from within can be shown through the skin. Biotin does not only works for your hair and nails, it also works on improving skin complexion. It is not only vitamin E that makes your skin glow. Biotin also works for healthy complexion. Does your skin look pale? You might be biotin deficient. Try changing your diet and adding foods rich in biotin for a healthy supple skin.


For High Energy

man jumping with his energyEnergy levels increases when you have enough biotin in your body. This works by converting nutrients into energy.

Most people get energized after eating foods with biotin like banana, peanuts and egg. With biotin, the nutrients in your body will be used to support your body's need for energy. This is the reason why biotin deficient people easily get tired.


For Fast Metabolism to Burn Calories

In addition to high energy level, fast metabolism comes. If your energy is very high, it is likely that metabolism becomes fast too.

Your body will find it easy to digest and convert through the chemical reactions. With this, it can help in burning more calories than those with slow metabolism.


For Prevention of Diabetes

With all the benefits you can get from biotin like fast metabolism and high energy, it is linked to prevention of diabetes. Diabetes is the condition of the body having too much blood sugar. This type of disease is a metabolic disorder. So, for people with fast metabolism they are unlikely to develop diabetes.


For Overall Health

With all the above-mentioned benefits, it can be said the biotin promotes overall health. The more energy we have, the more we move our muscles. This is the reason why a lot of people nowadays turn to taking supplements like biotin.


End Note

Choose a biotin supplement made of natural ingredients and free from fillers to make sure of the benefits you can get. This is also for safety purposes and no adverse effects.


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