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You Won't Believe These 9 Benefits When You Start Taking Protein Powder

by A C December 09, 2018 4 min read

organic protein powderCan't get enough of protein powder? You're not alone.

Whey protein is one of the most-consumed supplements in the world. Aside from being extremely nutritious, protein is a basic building block when it comes to muscles, your health and overall well-being.

But what you may not know is that your life starts changing for the better when you start taking it regularly. Here are 8 health benefits of protein powder.

1. You Start Losing Excess Pounds

Protein is a well-known contributor in almost all weight loss strategies.

Increasing your intake can burn those stubborn fats in a number of ways. For one, you'll feel much fuller even as you eat less, which equals reduced caloric intake. Then, your metabolic rate gets a welcome boost, allowing you to shed off excess weight more quickly and easily. Lastly, protein helps you maintain the optimal amount of lean muscle as you're working through the diet.

Researchers have found protein powder, especially the whey variety, to be better than other kinds of protein when it comes to torching fat and making you feel satiated for longer. Adding more protein makes for a more effective weight loss program.

2. You Won't Be Hungry As Often

Protein powders have wonderful digestive mechanisms which fill you up longer than other foods.

The entire concept of a diet is simple- eat less calories so your body won't have to convert unused energy and turn it into fat. The only problem with this is when you consume less calories you'll start feeling hungry, which can turn into an unhealthy craving and result in a food binge.

The good news is that you can turn to good old protein to help you curb appetite and reduce hunger pangs when you need them the most. Whey protein is the most filling, beating out soy and casein in the satiety department.

So when you're failing in your weight loss program, consider adding protein powder. It may be exactly what you need to live a healthy, fat-free life.

3. You Get More Antioxidants

antioxidant hand writingWhat are antioxidants and why do we need to get as much as we can?

The answer is simple. Antioxidants are agents that slow down and reduce oxidative stress in the body, thereby cutting your risk of acquiring chronic conditions.

Glutathione is one example of an antioxidant we get as a byproduct from several amino acids.

Protein powders are rich in cysteine, one of the more essential amino acids we need to fight the effects of oxidation.

In studies, it was found that whey reduces oxidative stress while providing our bodies with much-needed glutathione.

4. You Fight Off Inflammation Better

While inflammation is a natural reaction to damage, too much of it in extended periods of time can be severely debilitating.

Chronic inflammation, when left alone, can be harmful and cause a higher risk of many diseases. What's more, it's a surefire sign that there's something wrong or you need to change your lifestyle habits ASAP.

Whey protein reduces CRP, or C-reactive protein which is a marker of bodily inflammation. When you take a steady diet of protein powder, your body gains the ability to reduce inflammation and its painful effects.

5. You Stave Off Type 2 Diabetes

Research shows that protein does a good job of keeping blood sugar under manageable levels while increasing both the effectivity and amount of insulin within.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition marked by a lack of insulin function and high blood sugar. Whey protein has proven itself to be better than staples such as fish and egg white. Whey protein's properties have a similar effect to treatment drugs being used for diabetic patients.

This shows that a diet consisting of protein powder and meals that are high in carbs can effectively control blood sugar levels and improve the efficacy of insulin in the bloodstream.

6. You Enjoy Lower Blood Pressure

man on a blood pressure monitorHigh blood pressure is the leading cause of heart disease on both men and women.

How do we lower blood pressure to normal levels? One way of doing it is consuming dairy products, particularly those that have high levels of bioactive peptides. Whey protein contains an abundance of lactokinins, excellent ACE inhibitors that regulate blood pressure.

In one study, a group of overweight individuals was given 54g of whey protein supplements daily for 12 weeks. It was found that the patients had a lowered blood pressure by as much as 4 percent overall.

Keep in mind that the effect is more pronounced for those who had high blood pressure, to begin with, but it's a preventive measure that's definitely worth taking.

7. You Gain More Muscle

It should come as no surprise that protein helps build solid, lean muscle when you incorporate it into your diet. What you may not know is that we lose muscle mass more as we advance in age.

Supplementing with protein powder can prevent, slow or even reverse the effects of aging and the wasting of body composition. Eating foods that are high in protein or taking powder supplements can produce satisfactory results if you're aiming to grow muscle in the gym. Whey, in particular, is a great source as it has a leucine, a type of anabolic BCAA that promotes muscle growth better than other amino acids.

Again, whey beats out other popular protein sources such as soy and casein in the efficacy and quality department. One can't work without the other, so make sure you do strength training while taking protein for maximum results.

8. You Get The Best Source Of Protein Your Body Needs

Whey stands above all other protein sources because it contains all the necessary amino acids your body needs. Moreover, the compound is digestible, gets absorbed easily and the body can use it almost as soon as it gets in your system.

Athletes, bodybuilders and gym goers know the importance of adding protein in their diet as it provides them with all the necessary health benefits, and more.



The good thing about protein powder is that it can be integrated into any type of diet. Get these benefits today by supplementing with an excellent protein powder product!


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