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How to Define Your Beauty with Eyebrow Enhancers?

by A C February 19, 2019 2 min read

girl with half face covered and beautiful eyes shownMore than you ever imagined, eyebrows define your entire face. It says a lot about you from color to shape. Eyebrow does not only work for the beauty of your eyes but for the overall look of your face. As people say nowadays, “eyebrow is life.” Most people do not get out without their brows done.

Eyebrows and Eyebrow Enhancers

Eyebrows add beauty to our face. Without eyebrows, we would look a bit odd. Some people feel embarrassed of their eyebrows. This is true because sometimes eyebrow hair loss could occur. This could feel depressing especially when you are not used to having well defined brows.

Why Hair Loss May Occur to Eyebrow?

There are various instances where hair loss happens to eyebrow. If you are experiencing this, check below if some habits and occurrence matches you.

-Over-plucking or harsh plucking
-Iodine deficiency
-Vitamin overdose
-Thyroid hormone level very low
-Imbalance in hormone
-Skin disorders
-Nutritional imbalance

          Do you have any of those mentioned above? That could be the reason why your eyebrow is not in good shape. But do not worry. There are remedies you can try to get fuller eyebrows.

          How to Enhance Eyebrow?

          eyebrow and eyelash enhancer make upEyebrow enhancers are designed to define the shape of eyebrows. It gives accent to the face and leave a clean polished look. That is why many people use brow enhancers.

          There are home remedies for eyebrow hair loss. Even when you do not experience hair loss but have thin brows, you can try these remedies to enhance it.

          Ø  Essential Oils

          There are different oils that can help in growing brows; some of which are castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Applying these essential oils and leaving it overnight helps in the growth of thick brows. These oils penetrate well into the skin, stopping protein loss. When used regularly, it aids in permanently stopping hair loss.

          Ø  Make Up

          Stencil can help you get the desired shape of brows. It can create a well-defined brow that fits your face. But this solution depends on how confident you will be with make-up. Anyway, this is only a temporary solution and you can always remove it any time.

          Ø  Eyebrow Tattoo

          Since make up is temporary, some choose to have they eyebrow crafted permanently. This is a great solution but remember that you cannot change it anytime you want to. And still, nothing can replace a good hairy brow.

          Ø  Eyebrow Growth Serum

          There are serums available on the market that you can apply directly to your brows. Choose an eyebrow growth serum made from 100% natural ingredients for safety and efficacy. Growth serums like this works not just to enhance brows but to thicken and restore damaged brows. Say goodbye to thinning brows and hello to thick healthy eyebrows. Since it is made of all natural ingredients it can safely be used even with tattooed brows. Most eyebrow serums work also with eyelash. Choose for a 2-in-1 serum to save big and benefit big.


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