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Drinking Green Tea - Healthy Way to Lose Weight

by A C February 13, 2019 5 min read

diet food measurementObesity and being overweight is no joke. A lot of people have been suffering from it. Not because they don't want to lose weight, but because they were unable to do the right ways to lose the extra pounds. Being overweight and obese pose a serious health risk. It can lead to complications, especially the heart.


Nowadays, people want to lose weight because of the standard body trends people put in their minds. They think the smaller the waist, the sexier they will be. This is wrong.


People should have the right goal in mind. And there is no other goal but to be healthy. Starving yourself in order to achieve that waistline you dreamed of is a wrong way. You should opt for a safe solution to get rid of that excess weight with a goal to be healthy, not just to be sexy.


Drinking green tea is the best way to shed extra pounds for a slimmer and healthy body. This is like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. You can now feel at your healthiest and sexiest with green tea. But first, you have to learn what is green tea and what is in green tea that makes it a healthy drink.


What is Green Tea?

Green tea is a very healthy type of tea consumed all over the world. It does not undergo the same process used by manufacturers of black teas and oolong teas, such as withering and oxidation. Started in China, the production of green tea has now been a widespread to different countries.


Variety of Green Tea

·        Matcha

Matcha are produced by grinding green tea leaves into fine powder. The powder can be added directly into the water. It can also be used in culinary for added flavor. By consuming the entire powdered green tea leaves, the amount of antioxidants consumed is higher than other green teas. Matcha has 2 types, the ceremonial grade and culinary grade. Ceremonial grade is used by whisking hot water and consuming it exclusively. There should be no sweeteners and additions to this type of matcha. Culinary grade on the other hand, is a type of matcha that is used for different recipes, may it be food or beverage. It is blended with different other ingredients.


·        Hojicha

Hojicha is another type of green tea. It is made by roasting green tea leaves until dark brown. Since the roasting requires higher heat and the leaves are usually picked at the end of season, this tea contains less caffeine than other teas.


Components of Green Tea

matcha tea in black cup above a wooden cupboardGreen tea contains catechins, theanine, caffeine, saponins, fluorine and chlorophyll. It also contains vitamins such as vitamin B2, β-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Folic Acid. Aside from the vitamins found in green tea it also contains minerals, such as calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, etc.


·        Catechins

Reduces the body fat, cholesterol, prevents high blood pressure, reduces the risk of cancer and works as antioxidant.


·        Theanine

This component works as protection to the cells while lowering blood pressure. This also provides relaxing effect by promoting the production of α wave.


·        Caffeine

We all know that caffeine increases our alertness. Not only that, it also increases stamina and prevents hangover. It also is a mild diuretic component.


·        Saponins

Saponins work to lower blood pressure while functioning as anti-influenza.


·        Fluorine

Green tea contains fluorine that helps with teeth health by preventing tooth decay.


·        Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll in green tea has deodorizing effect.


·        Vitamins

The combination of vitamins found in green tea is proven to promote healthy skin, prevents arterial sclerosis, great vision, and works as antioxidant.


·        Minerals

The minerals in green tea work as biological regulators making it essential.


With all the mentioned components found in green tea, it can be concluded that it really helps in maintaining a healthy body. Now, we should see how it works in helping people lose weight and shed the extra pounds they have been carrying.


How to Lose Weight With Green Tea

traditional tea setAccording to studies, green tea is associated to providing different health benefits. Losing weight is the most common reason why people turn to green tea for beverage. Why do we lose weight with green tea? Metabolism is the process of our body that converts the food and drinks we take into a usable energy.


For people with very low metabolism, the food and drink stocks in the body including all the cholesterol. This makes them form bulges mostly around the waist and to different parts of the body. Whereas, for people with fast metabolism they don't need to worry after eating since their body will do the work of burning it and turning it into energy.


The different compounds of green tea, catechin and caffeine to be specific, has been found to speed up metabolism. Catechin in particular works in breaking down excess fats that the body has accumulated. Caffeine together with catechin increases the energy in the body. This is the main reason why green tea drinkers are more energetic and focused while having lean bodies.


The Best Time to Drink Green Tea


·        A Cup Between Meals

For maximum nutrient absorption, you can drink green tea in between meals. Two hours before or after a meal is the best time.


·        A Cup Before Exercise

Because of the compounds found in green tea, like caffeine, it helps in maximizing the body's energy. It is beneficial for people who go on exercising to drink green tea to get energy for longer exercise. The more the energy, the longer the exercise, the more fat burned.


·        A Cup 2 Hours Before Bed Time

Caffeine in green tea can hinder you from sleeping. So, it is best to count 2 hours before your sleep time for your last cup of green tea for the day. It helps in increasing your metabolism during this times that your metabolism works at the lowest.


Hot or iced, there is nothing wrong when taking green tea. The important thing is you do not add anything that can hinder its full health potential. If you want it sweeter, you can add natural sweeteners like pure honey or a plant sweetener like stevia.


Final Say


Keep in mind that staying healthy is the best way to lose weight. Choose only organic green tea like matcha green tea powder as it offers high quality tea and contains the optimum health compounds and nutrients.


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